Postidal will change the way New Yorkers do online retail and buy from bodegas

Postidal Inc., is an American multinational technology company based in Midtown, New York City. It focuses on online retail, robotic delis, robotic supermarkets, and artificial intelligence. Since its foundation in September of 2017, Postidal has focused on the building of an affordable online retail store. This technology company wants to not only provide online shopping through their Mobile App and Website but also 24/7 robotic bodegas and delis all over NYC and NJ, where people can buy just about anything without having to see a cashier.

Postidal opened its first robotic bodega prototype on November 2 of 2020, in Fort Lee, NJ., at one of company’s software development labs. According to the company’s internal publication, Postidal will open its robotic bodegas in 2021, this time in NYC, mostly. The company plans to have open robotic bodegas in all the five boroughs by 2022.

When asked why robotic delis, Postidal CEO, Marvin Amparo Santana, said, “Well, why not robotic delis?” smiling. Then he added, “We want to change the way people buy from bodegas, not only in NYC but all over the country. For instance, if you are a New Yorker, there’s one thing you probably know about, that is how a deli or bodega looks like. For decades, they pretty much have stayed the same: a small store where we can go buy sandwiches or even some aspirins. How about if we changed it? If for the first time we made this shopping experience more 21st century and a lot more modern, and futuristic. Well, that’s exactly what we want. We want to use Artificial Intelligence to convert bodegas in robotic, cashier-free convenience stores.”

Well, needless to say, I was hooked. Amparo Santana continued, “Each bodega will have an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant to help people in English, and Spanish. It will also have a live, online associate for extra help. Our company will invest in R&D to continuously provide a better and thus, faster, more efficient, and user-friendly, shopping experience.”

These delis will be membership only, though. Customers can only enter these delis or bodegas with a code, after having signed up for Postidal’s Gold membership.

When asked why not having an open deli just like the old ones are, Amparo Santana said, “When people come to our delis, I’d like them to taste the fact that the future has arrived. I want them to feel in the future, as if in 15 or 20 years from now if possible. The truth is, when most of us go shopping we do not feel that way, it is mainly because most giant retail stores use the same shopping method used over a hundred years ago, lengthy lines, and cashiers. By having these bodegas for members only, we can customize our AI to a more modern and futuristic shopping experience, not to mention the store security against any potential theft, which can better be prevented if we knew who is at the store, since no physical human might be at these bodegas constantly as it is in casual stores and bodegas. ”

He added,”And it is not like the self-checkout machines out there, are the answer. They are a good start, but that’s about it. Therefore, we created our own checkout experience, which does not include any self-checkout machine in the market. Our software eliminates the need for cash, debit, or credit cards from out self-checkout. Customers can either buy with their face, iris, or fingerprint recognition or with their unique-self-identifiable app code. Each customer gets their unique-self-identifiable app code to purchase with, in case they don’t wanna use their iris, face or fingerprint recognition . More importantly, as mentioned previously, they don’t need their phone to buy since our software can recognize exactly who they are when they checkout. The software would automatically charge the customer’s credit or debit card we have on file for their selected items.”

When opened, Postidal will become the only US company to over incorporate AI in bodegas or delis.