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What if we all agree to inflate the stock of a company so big that even the SCC would have to go knock on the door of the company’s COO or board, and ask what’s going on. What if such inflation or increase in the stock had nothing to do with the company’s revenues, R&D, or any assets whatsoever, but only with people’s words, messages, and fictional good-will. Well, that’s all it took yesterday for Game Stop‘s Stock to go through the roof and make millions to many and a couple of extra hundreds to a some.

People started to chat about Game Stop on Reddit, and before anyone saw it coming the stock market of Game Stop went through the roof. The company’s stock went up to 134.84% closing at USD 347.51.

Maybe this is the start of a new beginning of day and long-term trading. Maybe the little guys are fed up to continuously loose as hedge funds continue to win. Maybe their praisers have finally been heard and answered. Maybe there’s finally a way to defeat Goliath.

Something is certain, though, it is time to rethink the way day trading is being done, mostly when Goliath seems to be getting stronger, and David, wait! There is no David. Not in the Stock Market world, there seems to be only Goliaths, and if there is or there’s ever been a David, he is tired. Tired of losing, tired of breaking his head creating algorithmic tradings and hoping his or her strategies would work against a whole team of data analysts and sophisticated softwares used by hedge funds.

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