Joe Biden Inauguration Speech
Joe Biden Inauguration

– Millions of Americans watched Joe Biden’s inauguration speech.
– In his speech, president Joe Biden said, “
He will be a president for all Americans.”
– The quote, “Democracy has prevailed” went viral for being one of the most relevant centerpieces of Biden’s

President Joe Biden inauguration Speech made millions of American feel as if they were home again because for a very long time it felt as if we were in a nightmare from which we could not wake up, one of those in which we are dreaming while being solely awake, desperately trying to wake ourselves up.

It has never been more true than today that for any businessman or woman to succeed, they must know well the social-political status of the nation their investments sit in. Some would say that for over a year now, America has been deeply divided, more than usual in modern times, and while many went about their lives, thousands of Americans went to march for Black Lives Matter. Others fought the virus at home or in the hospitals; thousands lost their lives to Covid-19; millions have lost their jobs. It all seemed as if the Gods had suddenly agreed to conspire against us. All at once.

Then the attack on the Capitol occurred, and millions of Americans, even those who would always go about their lives and never commingled with politics or social-political issues, had something to say, even they had suddenly paid attention. I like to think they woke up and felt what many have been feeling all year long, the distressful division between us, which had been lingering beyond Covid-19. It often felt as if we were no longer one nation, united. It seemed as if we couldn’t see each other, only colors: blue, and red.

Most notably, many couldn’t agree on what the truth was, more or less on the facts: climate change, systematic racism, poverty rate, or the legitimacy of our election.

President Biden‘s inauguration speech gave us hope. It made us feel as if the nightmare was suddenly over. As if America was back to being more humane. His inauguration made many feel as if we still have a chance to be back on track to defeat the ills that cripple our society: racism, poverty, homophobia, inequality, you name it! For it has never been more true than today that we must aim to always act more humanely, and help one another, regardless of a person’s race, color, political opinions, or party, etc.

Today, perhaps more than ever in modern history, we have realized that having enough monetary resources, or being an individual with a successful career, is not enough to maintain quality of living. Physical health is vital. Mental health is vital. A stable, and righteous social-political arena of the country where we live, and where our investments sit, is vital. For it has been preached to us too many times before that “no man is an island,” and today I see that inviolable fact, as we all try to get over this pandemic, together. Above all, even during a relentless pandemic, most of us are supporting the social movements that promote a more just justice system and equitable society.

Needless to say, it is easy to ignore others, and harder to stop to realize that sometimes we have to make a stand; because at the end of the day, the majority of us want the same: equality, happiness, love, and respect.

I hope Biden’s words aren’t just words. After all, he is just a man. And this wouldn’t be the first time we have trusted a politician to do better, to leave the office and the country in a better state than it was given to them.